How to draw

Learn How to Draw (for beginners)


Drawing is an art, and art is fun. An awesome drawing shows the talent of an artist.  Drawing can be a digital drawing that is drawn on the computer with some software like Illustrator, or can also be drawn on paper. For drawing, you can use for example colored pencils or graphite pencils.

Drawing can be anything. it can be a human drawing or it can be an animal’s drawing. And drawing may be about nature or anything you can imagine.

If you want to draw, then you must need to learn the art of drawing.

The next picture just showing the talent of the artist.

Some things will help you to become an artist.


If you are a beginner, then mindset should be your priority. because to learn something, it’s more important that you set your mind to focus on your work. Never compare your skills with others, compare your skills with your future self. And then it will be possible that you will become an artist.

When you intend to start drawing, just pick your pencil and your complete focus should be on the paper. Then start drawing slowly step by step.

If you have an attitude then put your attitude aside, and focus on your work. If you cannot focus on your work then you will never become a successful person in anything that you do.

The most important thing is to make your work your biggest passion.

Become creative minded

For drawing, you will need unique and creative ideas. That is why you have to become creative-minded.

How to create ideas for drawing

To create ideas, just relax your mind, and then start thinking about what you need to draw. Observe all the things around you and what tools you will use for drawing. This will help you to get new ideas before you start drawing.


Motivation is a must for any person who wants to become a successful person, especially for beginners. In the beginning, you see that some of the artists draw an awesome and masterpiece but you do not draw as beautifully as them, then don’t be disappointed or demotivated, just try again and again and one day you will be a successful artist.

Keep in mind that you cannot draw everything perfectly, just don’t worry, no one can become perfect on the first try.

For more motivation see the drawings of other talented artists.


If you want to become a successful artist then you need to struggle. Struggle to learn and improve your skills.

Be sincere with your work.

Set your goals in practical life and struggle hard to achieve them, if you fail in your goal and did not achieve it, then learn out of your failures, struggle hard and one day you will achieve your goals. Later you will feel proud of yourself.

So now let’s start with how to draw. Before starting your drawing, just think about what you want to draw. Make a complete sketch in your mind.

How to draw

Now we will learn how to draw step by step. These tips are for beginners, if you want to start with the basics then you must follow these steps. We will teach you drawing step by step and give you some tips on how you can become a professional artist.


One of the most important things that you will need is paper and pencils. In the beginning, I recommend using a simple lead pencil and keep an eraser. Because if you do anything wrong then you can just erase it and try again.

Learn step by step

The first step of drawing is to practice drawing simple shapes. Simple shapes are like circle, oval, triangle, square, rectangle, diamond, heart, and star, etc.

This is the first thing that you should practice drawing.

And then try to give your drawn shapes a 3D form. After learning to draw these shapes, implement them on the sketch and try to make small sketches.

Combine two shapes and try to sketch with those shapes. You can combine different shapes into one another and see what you are getting.

After combining various shapes you will get a different sketch.

Let’s talk about what you need to draw in the beginning.

1. Drawing cylinders

First of all, draw a circle on top and draw a circle on the bottom, after this combine their edges into each other with a straight line. Then you will get a cylinder. In the beginning, try to draw the circle cylinders for practice. It will help you in drawing in the future. Become an expert in drawing a cylinder sketch.

2. Drawing human figures

Let’s draw a human figure. Draw many cylinders and then use those cylinders to draw a figure. Those cylinders help you to draw a human figure.

Combine those cylinders to draw a human figure. So if you’re just starting then try to draw a human figure. And if you want to become good at drawing figures, then do practice, practice, and practice. Next, you will learn how to draw a human head sketch.

How to draw a professional human head sketch

If you want to draw a professional human head sketch, then follow these steps:

First of all, ruffly do the practice to draw the different body parts of a human separately, for example, in the beginning, draw hairs of a human and then draw an eye, and then an ear and then a nose. Make each body part drawing on a separate part of the paper.

After you feel that you can draw professional body parts then you can start to draw a human head sketch and implement all your practice.

By following these steps you will be on the right path to becoming a successful artist and you can beat anyone in your field.